It’s a double celebration for Ritz-G5!

It’s a landmark year for Singaporeans as 2015 sees the nation celebrate their island country’s 50th birthday. A huge raft of celebrations have been planned to ensure that everyone, young and old, can join together as one to celebrate Singapore’s 50th year.

SG50 LogoThe 2015 golden jubilee celebrations kicked off in Marina Bay, where the New Year was welcomed in by a record 25,000 wishing spheres being set afloat on the waters of the bay. The display included 5,000 red spheres, shaped into a giant number ‘50.’ Citizens had written their wishes for inclusion in the spheres throughout the month of November, at special ‘wishing stations’ across the island. As well as the wishing spheres and the traditional firework display, New Year’s Eve also saw 400 drummers perform a live routine to welcome in the start of Singapore’s 50th birthday year.

It was a grand start to a year-long celebration, with the My SG50 programme running a range of events to enable the nation to celebrate as one. One of the highlights has been the Youth Celebrate event on 11 April, which showcased the talents of the newest generation of Singaporeans.

Singapore-based Brazilian property firm, Ritz-G5, which works in close partnership with a number of local investment companies, has its own causes to celebrate this year too.

2015 marks the first pay-out for clients who invested in the company’s inaugural Palm Springs project located in Natal, NE Brazil which is now complete and operational. This year will also see the award-winning company celebrate the three year anniversary of the opening of its Singapore office, which launched the frontline Palm Springs development to the Asian market.

“It is delightful to have our own triumphs to celebrate this year,” comments Ritz-G5 CEO, Luiz Fernandes. “Working with our Singaporean clients has been exciting for Ritz-G5 and a partnership that has proven rewarding for high numbers of Asian investors over the past three years.”

SG50 celebrations will continue throughout 2015. Cultural institutions are joining in the activities, with the National Museum of Singapore undergoing a revamp and the National Gallery Singapore opening in November.

A year-long philanthropy drive was also launched at the start of the year. The first four months saw an incredible $90 million raised for charity, according to the SG50 steering committee, as the whole country came together to support multiple good causes. The Singaporean government plans to match-fund donations up to the $250 million mark.

“Singapore has a fascinating and rich history and it is exciting to be part of the celebrations for its 50th birthday year,” concludes Fernandes. “We look forward to Ritz-G5 being here to celebrate in another 50 years’ time too, when the time comes for the SG100 celebrations.”

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